Vicky  Erickson

Vicky Erickson

St Croix
Election Date:
April 2018
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Vicky Erickson for Mayor

My Biography

Hello and thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me.  From the time I was young, my parents instilled a strong work ethic.  From them I learned that if I worked hard enough I could achieve all of my goals. 

I started my career in sales as a single Mother and knew if I worked hard enough I could achieve my goal of being able to provide a college education for my daughter.I worked my way up through multiple companies and in 1992, I started a company of my own.  From there, I built a team and within a few years, we achieved annual revenues over $3.2 MM. 

Shortly after, I met my now husband Stu who was born and raised in Hudson.  Stu's family owns and operates local businesses in Hudson.  I later worked as a realtor in Hudson, which gave me a deep understanding of the community and what makes it tick.  

Again, thank you for taking the time to learn about me and I ask that you all get out and vote on April 5th!

My Platform

  • Listen to Hudson Residents

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    I want to listen to what is important to the people of Hudson, plan and take action accordingly.  I want to work to build a consensus on divisive issues in our community.  I will work hard to ensure we have collaboration and drive toward a consensus on these issues.

  • Rework 2009 Comprehensive Plan

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    In listening to the concerns of residents, I hear that we, the people of Hudson, want to maintain the charm of our town. We also need to address serious infrastructure needs as they arise.  This includes a plan for road construction, public safety and a good plan for the Hudson Golf Course land.   We need to a plan for the dog track and what businesses we are trying to attract.  All of this and more must be addressed as we rework the outdated 2009 comprehensive plan.

  • Support our City Council Members

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    Our City Council members will be working hard to come up with plans to address various needs in our town.  Infrastructure plans that include plans for road construction and public safety are behind.  We need to work together to drive updated, comprehensive plans.  We need to increase our support for the Hudson Library.  I will be working hand-in-hand with our council members to drive the change that is needed in our community.

  • Budget

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    In Hudson, we run on a tight budget.  However, I believe we can increase our focus on energy efficiency.  We can tap into our city employees and our residents as resources to help solve problems at lower costs to the city.  Lastly, we need to focus on attracting the right businesses, as laid out in our new plan, to increase revenue.

My Experience

  • Multiple Sales roles working my way through the ranks
  • Started, grew and maintained my own successful business
  • Chaired the Capital Campaign for the building of a local church on Vine Street in Hudson
  • Spent years as a realtor, learning the ins-and-outs of the community
  • Provided accounting and book keeping for multiple local businesses
  • Spent time tutoring and mentoring at E.P. Rock Elementary
  • Helped start The Source which later merged with Operation Help focused on assisting Hudson residents with rent, utilities and vehicle repair
    • Chair of Finance Committee
    • Treasurer
    • Board Member

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