Tom  Breu

Tom Breu

US Congress
Congressional District: 1
Election Date:
November 2016

My Biography

My name is Tom Breu (rhymes with plumbing GUY).  I’m a Democrat running against Paul Ryan.  Paul Ryan is a very loud voice trying to take our country in a very wrong direction, and he needs to be defeated.

Who is Tom B?

·         Mechanical Engineer, last 20 years specializing in plumbing design, department manager, licensed in 37 states

·         Wisconsin bank examiner 5 years

·         Boy Scout leader, U.S. patent holder, Rated chess player

·         Business degree, Economics scholarship, Math degree, College student body president

·         Rock County Democrats officer last 5 years

·         Not a career politician, Not a millionaire aristocrat, Never been voted “Biggest Brownnoser” like Paul Ryan

Roots make a difference.

·         5th generation Wisconsinite

·         Born and raised in Marshfield, 9th of 12 children

·         Dad worked at the Marshfield brewery until it closed, and then at USPS, Mom a nurse

·         Dad WWII infantry, Brother Vietnam, Son Korea army sergeant

·         Home in Janesville, seven kids almost raised

My Platform

  • Why am I running?

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    Why am I running?  Completely by chance!

    Until 10 years ago, I was a classic low-information voter.  My wife Sylvia and I were busy raising seven kids: Job, family, buying groceries, watching the Packers on Sunday.  For example, in 2000 or 2002, there’s a good chance that I actually voted for Paul Ryan, simply because I might have recognized his name on the ballot.  I was just not into politics, a classic low-information voter, I understand that.

    That changed 10 years ago.  The spark happened August 9, 2005.  That was the day that Paul Ryan debated Economist Dean Baker on privatizing Social Security Insurance, at Parker High School in Janesville.  That was the first political event that I had ever attended, and it was completely by chance.

    David, one of our kids, was working on a Boy Scout merit badge, Citizenship in the Nation.  One of the requirements for getting that merit badge was to attend a political event.  I’m not sure if Sylvia and I flipped a coin or drew straws, but I ended up driving Dave cross-town to Parker High for the debate.

    After the debate, I remember walking back to the car, aghast, thinking to myself, “How could this guy Ryan have been elected, with a viewpoint so narrow, so obviously privileged, and so out-of-touch with the reality faced by so many Americans?”

    That was the spark.  A few months later I wrote my first letter-to-the-editor.  Eventually I got involved with the Democratic Party of Rock County, and for the last 5 years I’ve been an officer of the Rock County Dems.  The more involved I get, the more clear it becomes that Paul Ryan is absolutely wrong for today’s America.

    For the past 10 years I have developed a very deep and distasteful understanding of what Paul Ryan stands for.  He and his like-minded friends need to be defeated.  The sooner the better.  That’s why I’m running.

    Please check out my website,

    Sylvia and I still joke that it’s too bad David wasn’t working on his Fishing merit badge, because, instead of spending time and money on my Campaign Coach, there's a good chance we’d be spending time on a bass boat.

My Experience

Political Experience?  None.

Like Paul Ryan when he was a 20-something, this is my first political campaign.  Perhaps a better example is Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass, who is currently in her first elective office.  Like Elizabeth Warren, I've got more than 30 years of real world experience behind me.  Paul Ryan is a career politician, in his bubble, trying to take our country in a very wrong direction.  As a concerned citizen, it is my duty to try to correct that.  I am campaigning to be a citizen legislator, for a limited term.  Please visit my website,, and check out my posted statement on term limits.


My Education

  • Bachelors Degree from Viterbo College, LaCrosse, WI Graduated 1978
  • Bachelors Degree from University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point Graduated 1986
  • Bachelors Degree from University of Wisconsin - Madison Graduated 1995
  • Wisconsin High School Teacher Certification from Cardinal Stritch College - Milwaukee Graduated 1988

My Upcoming Events

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    Starting: Tuesday 8th of November 2016 12:00:00 AM

    Ending: Tuesday 8th of November 2016 12:00:00 AM

    Located at: 1st Congressional District

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