Shannon M Zimmerman

Shannon M Zimmerman

House of Representatives
Lower House District: 30
Election Date:
November 2016
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My Biography

Shannon Zimmerman, River Falls, WI

Shannon grew up in Augusta, WI which is located just east of Eau Claire, WI.  He would meet and marry his school sweetheart Angel and they would have two boys, Josh and Nick.  The family moved to River Falls in 1996 allowing Shannon to work as a software programmer in the Twin Cities.

Shannon and Angel founded a language translation business from their home in 1997 at the age of 25.  Slowly and steadily the business grew and turned into an international company with offices in five countries, but remains headquartered in River Falls where they employ approximately 130.

An outdoor enthusiast, Shannon enjoys hunting, fishing, time with the family on the lake. Both sons, now adults remain in the St Croix Valley.  Josh manages vineyard and wine production for Belle Vinez Winery, a company the family started in 2015 and Nick, the youngest son is currently attending law school in the Twin Cities.  Shannon has three grandchildren with a fourth due to arrive in November.  A very close family with deep local roots.


My Platform

  • Why am I running?

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    Like so many, I have been a spectator of politics and not directly involved.  After careful consideration, I am opting to commit myself to our community causes and represent our great district in Madison.

    So many things are right in our area.  However, change is imminent and we must have the vision and strategic ability to manage this change.  Our economic stability is not just in having jobs, but having good jobs.  It is also about having the talent to fill those jobs.  This takes orchestration and holistic thinking.

    My wife and I started two businesses in the St Croix Valley that are still going strong.  We care tremendously for our great people.  I decided to run to serve them, my adult sons and their families who live here and you.

    I have no hidden agenda or reason to do this.  I'm an Entrepreneur and committed community man.  I'll bring a perspective to Madison that ensures we are not just heard, but admired.

  • What are some of my key objectives?

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    Economic Development.  To me this is far more than creating random jobs.  I have lived first hand the employer-employee market of District 30.  Proper economic development requires good job creation.  Talent recruitment.  Support services for the entrepreneur.  An innovative and reformed way for our great educational centers to engage private sector business where both win.

    Enhanced Natural Resources and Community Amenities. We don't just work, we also enjoy time with our family, friends and the great Wisconsin outdoors.  A complete economic ecosystem must provide both the jobs our local residents need, but also activities and entertainment that we love to enjoy in our off time.  We have to encourage businesses that meet this demand.  We need to protect and develop our natural resources so we all can enjoy them now and for years to come.


  • Why me?

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    I care about God, Family and Country.  Cliche perhaps, controversial to some, but these are the things that guide me.  We need to spend taxpayer money wisely and NOT frivolously. We need to think about the needs of today, with an eye for tomorrow.  Vision matters and we need leaders that can see both effectively.

    My experience in starting two successful businesses matter.  From concept to global company thriving in five countries teaches you a few things.  I am proud that from River Falls, WI in a sea of over 26,000 global competitors, our business ranks 7. With a dream, capability and commitment, anything becomes possible.

    Madison needs more Citizen Legislators without other agendas.  More tax to cover the foolish sins of poor spending decisions is not the answer.


My Experience

From the most modest of beginnings, Shannon began his career in technology and would start his first business in 1997 from his home at the age of 25.  Resourcefully overcoming an array of challenges and strategically advancing this business, his relentless commitment would steadily lead this company to great international success.

Sajan, Inc., now a market leading language translation technology and service business has been recognized by INC Magazine multiple years for pace setting growth.  The Milwaukee Business Journal also recognized the company in separate years as one of the top 10 publicly traded Wisconsin companies in the Business Services category.  Also honored in 2011 as the St Croix County Business of Year and as of 2015 rankings has ascended to the number 7 spot in the United States within the industry.

The company now employs over 130 people in the St Croix Valley.  Shannon has directly led product development, sales, marketing, international expansion and was regularly seen taking out the trash, a symbol of the 'do whatever it takes' attitude he has promoted throughout his career.

Shannon serves on the University of Wisconsin-River Falls Foundation Board of Directors, the Chancellor's Advisory Committee and has remained active in a variety of community service capacities.

His entrepreneurial skills, resourceful abilities and tireless commitment to results make Shannon the ideal citizen legislator.  A person of vision and the ability to realize that vision align perfectly for what is the State of Wisconsin's fastest growing Assembly District.        

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