Rob  Rowen

Rob Rowen

State Senator
State Senate District: 1
Election Date:
November 2016

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My Platform

  • Economic Growth and Strategic Vision

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    This district needs better paying jobs; with responsive representation we can achieve that goal, so our children are no longer our biggest export. I am fiscally conservative; your tax dollars should be treated with respect and they should be spent with prudence; only on things that provide a defined public benefit. I believe in innovation, small business, and entrepreneurial start-ups; my plan will provide tax breaks for all of these enterprises, including those that are willing to relocate to economically repressed parts of our district.
  • Your Voice Should Matter

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    I am not a career politician that is looking for my next office at your expense. I am simply a concerned citizen that wants the same things as all of you; for this region to have a voice in our government in Sacramento. While we might not agree on every single issue, I will vote for what is in the best interest of the people of this district.
  • Time for Change

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    We all agree that we have no voice in Sacramento. We have two choices, continue sending the same person over and over again, or trying a different approach. Ted Gaines is a career politician, I am not. Ted Gaines collects vast sums of special interest money, I will not. While he rarely travels the district and meets with his constituents, I promise to visit every town, city, and county in the district when not in session. I work for you, that is the job you hire any of us to do.
  • Devoted to Our District

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    I am beholden to the people of this district, not a political party. My job is to represent the people of this district, giving you a voice in Sacramento and representation in our government. I will work with Republicans, Democrats, and Independents to find common sense solutions to the issues facing our rural district. As a veteran, I understand what service is all about; if elected I work for you, and I will always avail myself to the people of this district.
  • Senate Candidate CA district 1

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    1. Jobs must be our top priority for the district; we need to use the tools available to government to encourage economic growth in our rural areas. These jobs must be living wage jobs; these types of jobs will have a multiplying effect on all of the other jobs in the region. My website outlines exactly what my proposals for our district are. 

    2. Healthcare; our rural areas are facing a healthcare crisis. We are losing providers, which limits access to quality healthcare. Sacramento needs to pass aggressive legislation that ensures our providers are being reimbursed fairly and on time from both Medicare and Medi-cal. This issue greatly effects our seniors, as well as our children and families.

     3. Infrastructure; without an adequate and modern infrastructure we cannot compete in the job creation market.. Businesses and start-ups need access to high-speed Internet. Insuring access and availability will not only afford us the ability to attract new businesses, it will allow our current businesses to be more effective in their operations. 

    4. Water; water is one of our few bargaining chips; we are the source region for much of the states water supply. We need to improve water storage capacity, modernize our current water infrastructure. and devise a plan that ensures that we are receiving fair compensation for our resource. Water is something we can and should use as a bargaining tool to get what we need from Sacramento. 

    5. Small business needs effective representation in Sacramento. Ted Gaines is endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce, but he is ineffective in his ability to push through meaningful legislation that will make a big difference for our small businesses. Gaines lacks the ability to work effectively across party lines on big issues, due to his years of voting against almost every piece of legislation authored by Democrats. 

    6. Veterans and Seniors: Our district is home to a large population of retires and veterans. Each population group has important issues that they struggle with daily; from healthcare, mental health, transportation, nutrition, and housing. We must ensure that they have a strong advocate in Sacramento fighting for their benefit. Often, seniors and veterans live on fixed incomes, making day to day life a challenge; I will make sure that they have an advocate in Sacramento fighting for them as well. 

    Again, please visit my website to learn more about my platform and agenda for this district. I want to reiterate one very important thing; I can and will fight for this district effectively; mainly, due to my ability and willingness to work with people from all parties to find solutions to our pressing issues.

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  • Bachelors Degree from Ashford University Started on November 2008 Graduated 2010

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