Leesa  Gabel

Leesa Gabel

House of Representatives
Lower House District: 14
Election Date:
August 2016
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Gabel for House. Craig Gabel, Treasurer

My Biography

I’ve been an Olathe resident for 10 years. I am a wife, mother, writer, cancer advocate and survivor.

I believe in stepping forward to fight for what is right, helping others to understand important issues, and assisting others in pursuing opportunities to excel.

I’m running for State Representative because I believe we need more leaders committed to doing what is best for the people of their district – a true representative for the people. Sticking with politics as usual will not move us forward positively. I am dedicated to bringing a fresh perspective to Topeka and working passionately to improve the future for all Kansans. To be a representative who represents you.

My vision for Kansas is one that will have a vibrant economy where every Kansan thrives and is able to reach their desired potential. Where the children that grow up in Kansas will want to stay in Kansas.

It is time for reasonable, responsible, and accessible leadership to return to the Statehouse.

My Platform

  • Higher Education

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    Our state’s higher education challenges grow from the same wilted stem as everything else – the budget and the radical tax policy instituted in 2012, which my opponent continues to support in word and deed (vote).

    When colleges are cut, tuition and fees go up, and as a parent of a college-bound son in just over a year, which means even more money out of my pocket, or higher loans for him. The bottom line to more affordable access to higher education is to fix the underlying state budget woes and put the entire state on a firmer footing.

    I can’t forget about our community colleges whose role is one of introduction for students who aren’t ready personally or financially to make the jump to a four-year program, lifetime learners coming back to refresh skills or learn new ones, and anyone seeking to be an active contributor to our community. My role would be to give them the local control they need to provide affordable, accessible higher education to as many people as want to take the opportunity.

  • Protecting KPERS

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    We are not Illinois but our legislature has driven us dangerously close to pension insolvency. In recent years, attempts have been made to solve the unfunded liability in the system, yet the legislature continues to launder this money into the State General Fund. I’m beginning to wonder if the $1 BILLION the state borrowed last year with the intent of increasing the return via the stock market was actually just to fill the gaps in the budget.

    The best thing we can do for KPERS is fix our budget and stop borrowing from Peter – without paying Paul.

  • K-12 Public Education

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    Funding for education needs to be robust, sustained and predictable.

    I’m concerned we are under-funding our schools, and the block grant plan repealed the existing school finance formula, which takes care of the extra needs of some of our students who are more expensive to educate.

    The primary issue that feeds our communities, our economy and inevitably our future is public education, and it should be supported – not destroyed by the very people elected to protect it. Moreover, the teachers who care for our children in elementary school, direct them in middle school, and launch them in high school should be respected and treated with gratitude, not disparaged.

    I will support independence from Topeka when it comes to education funding and policy, specifically with regard to increased local control over our own funding destiny, as well as curriculum development and employment policies. The Kansas Constitution requires a “suitable provision for the finance of education,” and when I raise my hand to protect that Constitution, I vow to oppose efforts to undermine this fundamental priority for our state.

    We must get more dollars to the classroom and ensure we are achieving optimal outcomes from this valuable investment in our future. Funding for education needs to be robust, sustained and predictable.

  • What is your position on individual tax credits and other voucher-like programs for private school tuition?

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    The Kansas Constitution requires us to provide an adequate public education for Kansas children.In fact, Article 6, Section 6, Part C of the Kansas Constitution states that “No religious sect or sects shall control any part of the public educational funds.” Enabling the use of vouchers would require amending this portion of the Constitution and I would oppose that action.

    “If I choose to walk instead of use public transportation, I’m not going to ask the government to buy my tennis shoes.”

  • Economic Development

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    My first and second priorities are inseparable: education and economic development are two chambers of the beating heart of Johnson County. The latter cannot survive if the former weakens, and vice versa.

    Education is power — it enables Johnson County businesses to compete on a global scale and hire skilled, intelligent products of Johnson County schools. Businesses move here because they have access to an educated workforce and can offer their employees good schools for their children.

    Realtors use the quality public schools as a selling point for families to buy homes in Johnson County.

    Education is the driving force behind the economic boom in Johnson County. In order to continue the economic success that has made Johnson County one of the highest earning and highest educated regions in the nation, we must continue to ensure a skilled and educated job force.

    State Involvement in Local Growth: The state should involve itself in local growth issues when it has the opportunity to provide unique incentives to businesses that local communities cannot. When localities develop into thriving business centers, the employees provide income, sales, and property tax revenues to the state of Kansas. An investment in business is an investment in Kansas.

    The three-legged stool of taxation – property, sales, and income – is horribly out of balance, as we have seen in our property tax bills and grocery store receipts. It’s time we took a pragmatic and reasoned approach to taxation that reflects Kansas Common Sense.

    Topeka’s attack on local governments has forced 86 of 105 counties to raise property taxes to maintain essential services such as filling potholes, plowing snow, and retaining police officers.

  • Roads / KDOT

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    The uncertainty surrounding future investments in transportation pose another challenge for businesses. Highway 69, I-35, and I-435 are economic corridors for our area and large sweeps of KDOT funds to plug budget holes has left their future maintenance and expansion in doubt. Leaving KDOT unable to plug literal holes.

    Funding highways and promoting a stable business climate are not partisan issues, they are common sense priorities. The longer we delay a return to investing in our businesses and transportation, the more difficult it will be to fix.

My Experience

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Innovative New Website, My Informed Decision, Welcomes Leesa Gabel with the Goal of Reaching and Informing Voters


May 19, 2016—Leesa Gabel is on the ballot as a republican candidate for District 14 State House of Representatives in the upcoming Kansas primary on August 2, 2016.  This Johnson County District includes the cities of Lenexa, Olathe, and Shawnee.


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