Joe  Shammas

Joe Shammas

US Congress
Congressional District: 29
Election Date:
June 2018

My Biography

I am honored by your consideration and humbled in asking for your vote.

  • I am a proud first generation immigrant.

  • Enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1973 Completed “Boot Camp”, Great Lakes, Illinois

  • Basic Medical Training, Great Lakes, Illinois

  • Basic Submarine Training, Groton, Connecticut

  • Graduated from Naval Undersea Medical Institute

  • Served as the “Doc” on Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM) Nuclear Submarines

  • Commissioned in the United States Navy Medical Service Corps in 1981

  • Retired from the United States Navy in 1996

  • VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) Lifetime Member

  • Business owner (retired)


Author: Breaking the Barriers; From Destitute to Bars of Gold



  • Graduated from Nashoba Regional High School, Bolton, Massachusetts

  • Bachelor of Science, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois

  • Graduate Degree in Business, Webster College, Saint Louis, Missouri

  • Completed Medical Training, Naval Undersea Medical Institute, Groton Connecticut


A Better Tomorrow Starts Today – Get Involved!

My Platform

  • My Priorities

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    Improve Valley Employment so that everyone who is looking for work can find work. Through cooperative efforts with our educational institutions and local businesses we can provide on the job training to acquire the skills for satisfying employment.

    Education is at the heart of our mission. Our children are the future. We must work together to provide them with high quality education with available courses and classrooms to compete and grow without the burden of high student loans.

    Healthcare should be a fundamental right and be readily and reasonably affordable to all. Together with State and Federal programs we must ensure that healthcare is affordable and accessible to all our residents.

    Seniors and veterans contributed to building our country and to protect it. We owe them a great debt and together we can build education and training opportunities for them to reintegrate as productive members of our society.

    Small businesses through better tax incentives and credits can be at the center of community achievement by providing on the job training to seniors veterans and new entrants to the workforce to prepare them for meaningful employment.

    Schools and churches and other places of worship must be the cornerstone of community support for our valley residents. Through enhanced education and spiritual guidance the community can have pride and success as well as peace and prosperity.


  • Why I am running for the U.S. Congress

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    First and foremost, I am NOT a politician. I am running as your civil servant to represent you. I will work diligently and to the best of my ability by introducing sponsoring cosponsoring legislation and voting for the best interests of our District, California and Country.

    I believe our focus must shift back to what matters most our communities, our children, seniors, our veterans and our small businesses. Our main focus must revolve around our schools and places of worship to help rebuild our communities by better educating our children without the excessive weight of student loans and exorbitant costs of healthcare. By providing not only improved access to higher education, but also improving classroom availability as well.. 

    The reputation of our great country has been severely damaged by our current politicians and their reckless decisions. Their focus has drifted away from addressing the urgent domestic issues we face daily like high healthcare costs high college education costs and reduced classroom availability unemployment high taxes and many other issues. Rather their primarily focus is on global issues over domestic issues.

    I believe that we elect people to government to help solve the issues facing us, the voters the constituents. Unfortunately, most of our problems today are as a direct result of and reaction to actions of our politicians. Actions generate reactions and repercussions. It is a natural law.

    Our politicians continue to demonstrate little value for the lives of our young men and women, whom they eagerly send to “Foreign Conflicts”. In the process our national debt has soared coupled with the continuous loss and injury our young men and women and the unending drift away from morality in blunder after blunder. It seems that the mismanagement of our foreign relations is deliberate. The politicians in Washington are the biggest obstacle to our nation’s security. Even today, our politicians are taking aggressive and provocative actions against other countries without the formal declaration of war as required by the Constitution.

    Attention must refocus on domestic issues on job creation on fostering creativity and innovation by educating our youth without the burdens of student loans and increased classroom availability. Our children deserve better we all deserve better. I am running because I love our country! It saddens me to see the deliberate and methodical deterioration and high jacking of our beloved America by extremists. It is time to right the ship, it is time to celebrate being Americans again with PRIDE and HONOR.

    I am humbled and honored in asking for your support and votes as your candidate for Congress.

  • Vote Incumbents out – We All Deserve Better!

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    With politicians’ approval ratings in the low teens, how is it possible for incumbents to get re-elected into office election after election?

    While the system favors incumbents, we, the voters actually get to chose who should and will represent us in the government. It is time we chose someone who will actually represents the interests of the voters and not the special lobbyists. Our government has been HI-JACKED by politicians who DO NOT represent the voters. Our elected government officials are embedded in their comfortable position and cater mostly to the “special interest” lobby. They have forgotten the voters who sent them there and whom they should be serving. Elected officials have either forgotten what it is like to work for a living and or simply no longer care as they have a cushioned government job with great benefits.

    No More career politicians for U.S Office. These “Idiots” have put us in 18 + Trillion dollar debt. They don’t care about us or America’s future! They have abandoned us the constituents who sent them there to serve us the people.

    We are currently saddled with a congress not focused on domestic issues. Congress does not work on solving the issues facing the people nor do they care about our domestic issues. Their focus continues on overseas operations and concurrently bankrupting our economy and saddling our children and grandchildren with horrendous amounts of debt. Our country had a surplus at the end of President Clinton’s second term, and fell into trillion dollar deficits after we invaded and toppled the legitimate government in Iraq. We villainies their leaders and through miss-information committed our country to war and prolonged occupations. In the process many NO-BID contracts were awarded to “friendly” companies of the administration. The worst part of course is the loss of precious lives of our men and women, not to mention the countless Iraqis who were also killed. By undertaking aggressive actions and destroying other countries, the politicians have seriously compromised and degraded our security by inviting others to do in our homeland the same thing we do in theirs. Even today our government continues to interfere in other countries’ affairs, our politicians have not learned from the mistakes of the past, will they ever?

    Our voices have been stifled for too long, and we need to reclaim our rights and make our voices heard again. We can send a clear and loud message. Change is here! With your support and votes, it is my honor and privilege to undertake the challenge to be your choice for congress in California’s 29th Congressional District. I will work hard and diligently for you and represent the best interests of our great country above all others. We all deserve better!


  • Protect our Homeland

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    Our Constitution specifies that protecting the homeland should be one of the prime goals of the government. Yet our government fails to do so. Our focus for “defense” has been based on the old “cold” war strategy that is completely obsolete. In the process we have established hundreds of military installations in as many countries. Today, we would be hard pressed to actually identify any region in the globe where we do not have military installations. We are obsessed with projection of power overseas, and have in the process made our mainland vulnerable. It is time we reassess this policy and bring our young men and women home.Today, we have dramatic positioning and logistical capabilities that were unavailable before. We can transport units and equipment just about anywhere in the globe within a twenty four hour period. So why do we continue to negotiate and pay exorbitant funds to keep and establish new military installation overseas? Our capabilities have changed, our policy has not.

    While I am a strong advocate for repositioning our military installations here at home, I am certainly not suggesting that we release all our current military personnel from the service (that is a separate issue); rather I am suggesting that most of our military personnel be stationed on the U.S. mainland and U.S. territories. These honored members of our society currently “spend” the salaries we pay them in foreign lands. These salaries benefit the foreign host countries where they are assigned, not businesses in the homeland. When these same personnel are assigned on the U.S. mainland and U. S. territories, those salaries will be spent here and would benefit our country and NOT FOREIGN COUNTRIES!

    By undertaking aggressive actions in other countries, the politicians have seriously compromised and degraded our security by inviting others to do in our homeland the same thing we do in theirs. The politicians continue to make abhorrent and callous decisions and pose grave threats to our security. It is time we demand change.

    We All Deserve Better                                                                                     Country before Party

  • Education

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    Education is and should be a continued right for all. Our children are burdened by heavy student loans which must be paid back with interest, while most European countries with much less means than us provide free education to their children. Is it possible the Europeans value their children more than we do? I doubt that, we love and value our children just as much. Alas our government’s priorities are dramatically different than those of our European partners. While our government continues to focus on military spending above all else, the Europeans pursue domestic priorities including education, healthcare, productivity and innovation.

    Our current politicians have lost touch with reality. OUR CHILDREN ARE the future! They are and should be nurtured as our most valued trust. Educating our youth should be one of our highest priorities as a country. Innovation and technological breakthroughs are achieved by bright and un-encumbered great minds. We as a country must be the catalyst and the mechanism to provide them with the opportunity to excel and to achieve. As some have quoted “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”

    Educating our children is synonymous with securing our great country’s future. We must change repayment programs for student loans, through community service and or government service. Many colleges and universities have huge endowments and coupled with sports program proceeds could be used to defray the cost of educating our youth. While we encourage reductions in the costs of education, it is equally important for participating students to vigorously pursue their studies. Students should not mortgage their future to get an education. They deserve better, America deserves better!

    We All Deserve Better                                                                                     Country before Party

  • Support our Veterans

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    As a veteran with almost twenty five years of active military service, I am keenly aware of and relate to the needs of our veterans. Upon separation from active military service, some veterans readily adapt and integrate back into society, while others do not. Our Veterans are often forgotten, albeit on one or two days a year. Our current politicians eagerly send them to areas of conflict yet, upon completion of their service they (the veterans) are relegated to and treated like second class citizens and as a burden to our society.

    Many of our veterans commit suicide at a much higher rate than any other group. Veterans should be afforded an opportunity to address their inner “devils” that later could drive them to self destruct. This can be through group events and therapies as well as individual mental health training. They served with honor and we as a nation should do the same. To ignore their pain and suffering is wrong.

    We should honor our veterans’ services not just with words and parades, but with meaningful deeds and actions. This can be accomplished through several means from expanding the G.I. Bill and other educational opportunities to providing special incentives to businesses for direct “on the job” training coupled with incentives for hiring and retention.

    The Federal Government should along with State and Local bodies address the basic needs of veterans upon separation from the military services. The veterans answered the call to serve our great country, our country must also answer the call to assist and provide in their transition back to civilian life where they can again be productive and contributing members of our society. They deserve better.

  • Healthcare

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    Health Care is usually not on our minds on a routine basis, unless we face a health care issue that requires us to seek medical attention. For many that is as simple as making a phone call to the doctor’s office (HMO or other medical group). For many without health care coverage it is a major decision. During a conversation with George, a recent nursing school graduate, he pointed out that his health care premiums were over $300.00 per month. When added to other expenses such as transportation, student loans and other expenses it becomes a huge burden. That is wrong. Our great country can and should do better.

    Young people are our future and saddling them with one major expense on top of another severely limits their creativity, their opportunity to excel. Their main focus becomes seeking employment (any employment) just to meet their debt obligations. That is wrong.

    Healthcare is a fundamental right in Europe, it is not a for profit business rather it is a state function and responsibility to address thereby providing earlier opportunities for their citizens to be productive, to be creative, to remain healthy for the benefit of all. In the Unites States considered to be the wealthiest country on earth, private health companies take pride in the insane profits they make. That is wrong. European focus is primarily on domestic issues.  The United States budget on the other hand boasts not just the largest military “defense” budget in the world, but in fact our military “defense” budget is larger than all other countries’ military budgets combined. The focus on our children has been hijacked by politicians and the military industrial machines. That is wrong.

    Many seniors and others face the same dilemma of balancing their budgets to meet continued rising costs. Health care costs, college education costs and most other expenses continue to rise and families are making necessary budgetary adjustments to cope.           

  • National Debt

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    Our national debt is out of control. It is more than eighteen Trillion Dollars and growing daily. The jaws of special interest groups and military industrial lobbyists are constantly in the ears of our elected government officials. In Washington it is the loudest voices and largest campaign contributors that get the attention and the corresponding legislation. A few days ago, the Pentagon announced plans for a new Stealth Bomber at an initial cost of over $60,000,000,000,000.00. Yes, that is Sixty Billion Dollars, and that is the initial estimate. Historically, estimates are traditionally on the very low end, and “cost” overruns are the normal in defense contracts. It is outrageous that this kind of spending of taxpayer funds are routinely committed without regards to the long term effects of our foreign policy and our national debt.

    Additionally and coupled with the excessive Pentagon spending our foreign “aid” is equally out of control. For example, the most recent figures of tax payer dollars “GIVEN AWAY” by our government in the last fiscal year was over $35,000,000,000,000.00! Yes that is Thirty Five Billion Dollars through which we continue to “buy” friends with our foreign “aid”, while we are actually mortgaging our children’s future by borrowing money to give away. It is insane. Imagine a family deeply in debt that continues to borrow more to give away. This borders on treasonous acts by politicians, as our elected government official continues to burden our children with massive debts just so they give away to “friends and foes” indiscriminately.

    We must address domestic issues BEFORE worrying about issues in other countries as we cannot continue to keep supporting the world and keeping getting deeper and deeper in debt in the process. It is time that together we change that cancerous “spendthrift” system. Imagine the additional benefits to the economy if all those “foreign” aid dollars are spent at home from increased employment, reduction in our tax rates, and repairs to our infrastructure.

  • Stop Military Adventurism

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    The military industrial complex has ruled over and controlled our politicians for a very long time. Military procurement and logistics decisions are not based on the needs of the military services nor are they in the long term best interests of our country. Decisions are prepared by lobbyists for the politicians who vote and cement the deals. As concerned Americans we should strive to address the needs of our people here at home. Our military industrial machine and their lobbyists continue to generate a new “BAD GUY” every few years.

    In fact the politicians and military lobbyists have become bolder and actually plan for and advocate the overthrow of other governments through force. What would our reactions be if another country made a similar attempt to topple our government? Needless to say we would all be against such attempts. Yet, our politicians do not take the time to contemplate such scenarios. Warfare has changed dramatically from the World War II days, even from the Korean and Vietnam days.

    Our leadership readily sends our sons and daughters to areas of conflict, as the first and only tool to address the conflict (real or “made up”). Would politicians send their own sons and daughters to war so readily?  Diplomacy has been “forgotten” and or rarely employed. We often refuse to communicate with what we consider adversaries. How can conflicts and or misunderstandings be resolved without dialogue, unless the intent was always the use of force first and foremost, from the blunder of Vietnam, the invasion of Iraq, the tragedy of Libya and now the ongoing tragedy in Syria? What country or group will they target next?

    Our children’s and grandchildren’s future is at stake. They deserve better. We all deserve better!

  • Our Forgotten Seniors

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    Our seniors, the most vulnerable among us are forgotten and often ignored. At the time that they need help the most, when they are no longer able to work, they incur the most expenses that often deplete their life savings. That is wrong!

    Our seniors contributed to the building of our great country and our country should be there for them in their time of need. That is the time when their energies physical as well as emotional are diminished coupled with a reduced capacity to continue to financially provide for themselves and family. This is the time they need our support and appreciation and recognition for their contributions. Enough “Lip Service” or any more talk of taking care of seniors, it is time to actually do something!

    I will advocate for making changes and necessary adjustments to our tax codes to properly address the financial plight of our seniors. As an example, under the current system, seniors are penalized for working when they retire until they reach a certain age. This is wrong, in fact we should provide incentives for small businesses that could train and employ seniors particularly when they are least employable. When the income of our senior citizens is fixed, that is the time that we need to intervene and create solutions. It is the least that we should do. They deserve better.

  • Are we all equal?

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    “We the People of the United States of America, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America”.

    These are the actual words written in the Constitution of the United States BEFORE any of the specific articles that address the formation and separation of our three branches of government. Please note it states very clearly WE THE PEOPLE. It does not state, we the men or women rather “We the People” which is inclusive of All Americans.

    It is an absolute shame that we are so fragmented as a nation into different groups or categories of group such as Native American Indians, Hispanic Americans, African Americans, Irish Americans, Italian Americans, Gay Americans, Lesbian Americans, and the list goes on and on. When we are segregated into small groups, we lose the power of We the People and replace it with a much smaller voice of We the (fill in the blanks).

    We must take a moment and reflect on the suffering experienced by the various groups in their struggles to attain recognition as equal partners in our society. For some the struggles lasted decades for others it is still ongoing. While we believe in an equal society the reality is that there are many that continue to face discrimination in an overt manner, while some in subtle manners. Many continue to focus on rhetoric than to acknowledge and articulate sober-minded policy proposals of equality for all. We must continue to learn and mature in our thinking and actions. For our nation to be truly united we must embrace our differences and rejoice in our diversity. It will surely be a very boring society if were all the same, therefore we must declare that our greatness and power is due to our diversity for we are “We the People”.

    As diverse as we are, and as a united people we must continue to strive towards greatness by not forgetting those overlooked or neglected in our society for their struggles are real and their pain is genuine. Join us in celebrating our cultural backgrounds, our heritage and most importantly our individual freedoms to be ourselves in our own wonderful and all inclusive United States of America. God Bless the USA! As your congressman I am committed to fight for equality for All Americans! 

  • Can we trust our politicians?

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    No more career politicians for public office. These “Idiots” have put us in 18+ Trillion Dollars in debt! They don’t care about us “The People” or America’s future. They have abandoned us the constituents who elected them to serve the needs of the people and our communities. They are good talkers and very smooth operators.

    Why politicians never answer direct questions? Have you ever noticed when a politician is asked a question, their answers are rehearsed, memorized and scripted just like a young student before taking a middle school exam. They stick to their “Talking Points” to advance their agenda. They do not want to respond for fear of giving the wrong answer!

    Can we trust politicians who only respond from “CANNED” talking points?

    Can we trust politicians who cannot make their own decisions?

    Can we trust politicians who don’t respond to our issues, but only advance theirs?

    Can we trust politicians who cannot relate to our priorities, again only advancing theirs?

    My concerns were confirmed while watching a recent nationally televised debate, and to my surprise one candidate even after being questioned about his rehearsed “canned” talking points as his responses, kept repeating the same response over and over. He did not hear the question and clearly did not “catch” himself repeating his mantra, not just once, not twice, but often. He was an embarrassment not only to himself and political party, but to the entire political arena.

    Our politicians appeared angry about something or another. They clearly do not relate to the daily issues facing ordinary Americans. Our politicians are fixated on the WWI and WWII mantra “USA GOOD, RUSSIA BAD” and have made every effort to engage in military conflicts against our best interests. We need to move on. Quit provoking war with other nations fix our own problems of which we have plenty. We deserve better!

    As your congressman I am committed to fight for what is best for our great country, God Bless America! 

  • Republican or not?

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    Our two party politics has dragged this great country into a stalemate, “you are either with us or against us” is a famous quote by a not so famous past president! In fact nothing can be further from the truth.

    I was a lifelong republican until the decision to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. When the “Iraqi leader defamation and character assassination went into full swing, many in the military wondered why we were going after Iraq instead of Saudi Arabia (where most of the 9/11 culprits originated). The decisions were made at the highest echelons of the government and while everyone was puzzled many were not surprised as Iraq was not towing our line and Saudi Arabia an “Allay”.

    As a republican, I believed the party stood for many issues I aligned with such as fiscal conservatism, Smaller Government, Social equality, Business opportunity, deficit reduction, reduced taxes, strong defense, etc…

    I witnessed every one of those absolutely destroyed by the republicans starting with spending on two unnecessary wars (Iraq and Afghanistan), coupled with massive “NO-BID” contracts awarded to friends of the administration left us all reeling with disbelief.The federal government actually GREW under the republican administration.They implemented the largest tax breaks in recent history, which coupled with the war spending resulted in astronomical deficits in the budget.

    Businesses were subjected to more “rules and regulations” than during any previous democratic administration. Republicans were supposed to be friends of business, but only if they were very large business! The small business owners suffered as they continue to suffer today. Deficit reductions were the last subject on their minds during their massive wartime spending. They did make efforts to CUT domestic spending while increasing “defense” spending.

     Strong defense was translated into strong offense! As the world’s only true super power, while we enjoyed the empathy of most nations, our leaders squandered that opportunity by attacking and destroying one of the oldest civilizations on earth. No Iraqi was associated with 9/11. As we continued to pursue one military intervention after another, from direct military intervention to drone attacks against sovereign nations and regime changes, it is inevitable that those who lost loved ones and witnessed their country being reverted to the stone-age through massive military raids would pursue violent acts against us. I no longer recognized the Republican Party, and could no longer affiliate with them. Their primary focus centered on military adventurism, total disregard to diplomacy and anti small business regulations.

    We deserve better!

  • Democrat or Not?

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    So, are democrat any better?

    Under the current democratic administration, initially saddled with a collapsing economy, deepest troubles in the housing markets and banking defaults we witnessed incredible positive achievements to avert a total depression and slowly made all the necessary adjustments and regulations to steer our economy from the verge of collapse. They also implemented the Affordable Health Care Act, truly a monumental achievement considering the congressional climate of determined opposition. They made some inroads on addressing the banking system, tackled with unemployment and were instrumental in achieving equality for all Americans. These and other issues are dear to me and coupled with others are the motivation for me to run for Congress. The work is far from over, and I believe the Democratic Party is better suited to achieving our priorities as a nation. We must join others with similar passions and together tackle these domestic issues.

    Higher education for our children that is both affordable and accessible.

    The Affordable Health Care Act was a start. We must improve access to healthcare and make it more affordable.

    Reducing regulations on small businesses, while providing them with incentives to be the economic and employment resources they can be in training and hiring our veterans, seniors and others wishing to enter or reenter the work force.

    We must provide improved access to health care and other services to the many veterans after they complete their service. Veterans suffer the highest suicide rate among all categories and that is absolutely shameful! They served with pride and honor, we must do the same. Many service men and women sacrifice daily to maintain our freedoms, their efforts must be honored.

    We continue an open checkbook when it comes to foreign aid, it is time to stop buying friends and time to focus on our children’s future before others. It is time to invest in what matters most, our children.

    For these and other reasons, I committed to work with the Democratic Party to make our great nation better. As a proud citizen, I will work with both parties to focus on what is important to our country not the party!

    I am committed to serving the best interests of our community and our great country before all else.

    Please join me. Ours is a great country and together we can make it better – starting today.

My Experience

As a retired United State Naval Officer, serving first as an enlisted Hospital Corpsman and subsequently as a Medical Service Corps Officer, it was one of the highest honors in my life. We learned leadership and commitment to country and to each other. Sadly, our current politicians are not beholden to serving the country first and foremost, rather to the special interests and lobbyists that stack their campaign with massive donations.

We have not accepted donations from any groups or organization. We are going to Congress as the representative of the 29th district and not special interests in other locations. Our duty is to represent the voters of the San Fernando Valley's residents. You can publicly view the donation website of the Federal Election Commission and I am sure you would not be surprised to see who are the major contributors to incumbents.

Our is a local grassroots efforts to regain our voices in Washington. We the people are seeking to dismantle the status quo of career politicians. Politicians must be the civil servants of voters, they must be available and most importantly they must vote for what is in the best interest of our communities, schools, places of worship, students, veterans and small businesses.

I am humbly asking for your vote. As your Congressman I will continue to serve you and our great country with Pride and Honor.

My Education

  • High School Graduate or Equivalent from Nashoba Regional High School Started on August 1971 Graduated 1972
  • Bachelors Degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Started on October 1977 Graduated 1979
  • Postgraduate Degree from Webster University Started on October 1979 Graduated 1980
  • Fleet Ballistic Missile Nuclear Submarine Med from Naval Undersea Medical Institue Started on June 1976 Graduated 1978

My Upcoming Events

  • Come and Meet Our Future Congressman!

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    Starting: Sunday 10th of April 2016 02:00:00 PM

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    Political Fund Raising Event

    Meet our future Congressman!

    When:               Sunday April 10, 2016

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    Where:              Dandana Cafe

    Address:           765 W. Route 66

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    Starting: Thursday 14th of April 2016 08:00:00 PM

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    Located at: 12916 Victory Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91606

    Political Fund Raising Event

    Come and meet our future Congressman!

    What:                Dinner and Social Event

    When:               Thursday April 14, 2016

    Time:                 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

                               Dinner Served (Donations Accepted)

    Where:              Zahle Restaurant

    Address:           12916 Victory Blvd.

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    Starting: Monday 18th of April 2016 06:00:00 PM

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    Located at: 12001 Victory Blvd North Hollywood, CA 91606

    A Cup of Joe “with Joe”

    When:       Thursday 24 March 2016

    Time:        10:00 am - till noon

    Where:     Lilit Bakery Cafe

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    Get to know your future Congressman!

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Innovative New Website, My Informed Decision, Welcomes Joe Shammas with the Goal of Reaching and Informing Voters

April 12, 2016—Joe Shammas, US Navy Veteran, retired Military Officer and businessman is on the ballot as a Democratic candidate for the US House of Representatives, District 29 in the upcoming California primary on June 7, 2016.  This southern Californian district includes part of north-central San Fernando Valley and encompasses the cities of Van Nuys, San Fernando, Pacoima, Arleta, Panorama City, Sylmar, and portions of Sun Valley and North Hollywood.

My Informed Decision is providing a new and innovative service through their website aimed at offering a quick and easy way to learn about candidates regardless of office or party affiliation.   Together, My Informed Decision and Joe Shammas are helping inform voters prior to the important upcoming primary.


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