Ed  Rankin

Ed Rankin

US Congress
Congressional District: 32
Election Date:
November 2016

My Biography

Ed is leadership development consultant to corporations and an expert executive coach. He’s worked with scores of senior-level executives and successful entrepreneurs. He also advises corporations about human resource management business process outsourcing and human resource process improvement. Ed is an expert in organizational systems and effectiveness. He has designed and implemented scores of organizational research programs including employee opinion and engagement surveys. A skilled facilitator, Ed has conducted scores of focus groups and other research and learning sessions. Additionally, he designs, implements and manages corporate coaching programs.

A successful entrepreneur, Ed’s accomplishments include taking companies to Inc. 500 status and Portfolio Company of the Year recognition. His work has been cited in numerous professional journals and business publications. He has published numerous articles in major business publications and newspapers about the subject of people in organizations. Ed has made numerous television and radio appearances and has been frequently-quoted in major newspapers and professional journals about human resource management issues.

Ed holds a BS degree in Psychology, an MS degree in Labor and Industrial Relations, and an MA in Human and Organizational Systems. He holds a Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Coaching and is completing a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems. He is accredited as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) by the Human Resources Certification Institute and as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation.

Ed has served on numerous appointed and elected community groups including the Boards of Directors of the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities, Disability Rights Texas, United Cerebral Palsy of Texas and Clean Dallas, Inc. He Chaired the Dallas Mayor’s Committee for the Employment of People with Disabilities for two terms and was elected as a Trustee of the Southlake Carroll Independent School District. Ed is a graduate of Partner’s in Policymaking, a leadership program sponsored by the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities. He is a graduate of Leadership Dallas and is a member of The Dallas Assembly.

My Platform

  • States Rights

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    The 10th amendment of the constitution makes it clear that “we the people” grant no more authority to the Federal Government than we allowed in the construction. For the rest, as Texans, it is we who have the constitutional right to govern our affairs in Texas, not the Federal Government. As your congressman, I pledge to have the 10th amendment dictate my congressional responsibility.

  • Abolish the IRS

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    The IRS is a job killing entity. It bears no constitutional support and has become a monstrous bureaucracy preventing Americans from prospering. Individuals have the right to keep the fruits of their labor, corporations have the right to invest their earnings into job creation, and the government should welcome investment back into America. The IRS bureaucracy has created incentives for interest groups to bribe politicians into getting special treatments and pay favorable tax rates while we as individuals and small business owners pay their bills. This monstrosity has to end.

    As a replacement to the current function of the IRS, I favor the Fair Tax Act, which summarizes federal taxations only on consumption. A national sales tax would minimize corruption and allow jobs to grow and manufacturing to return to America. While I support this act, I strongly acknowledge that it should be legislated only as a starting point, not an end point. This act should be legislated as part of transitional policies that aim to shrink the footprint of the Federal Government.

    For more info, please visit Americans for Fair Tax:


  • Work Visas Not Amnesty

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    In a perfect world, there would be no hunger, no borders, and no inequality of opportunity for individuals. Building the path towards that dream requires strong humane decisions, but rational ones. Our immigration procedure is a salvage yard of destroyed dreams and corruption. On one hand you have those skilled workers who wait over ten years to legally immigrate to America and on the other hand you find those who are illegally present in America benefiting from healthcare and schooling, which are paid for by the taxpayer. Our immigration policies have made America a sinking ship; we invite international students to study and acquire a world class education in America, then we ship them back to their countries of origin to start competing with our workforce at home. These facts are not just marginal problems, they are fundamental dangers to our economy and community well-being.

    As your congressman, I pledge to work on policies that ease the work-visa process for those skilled workers with clean criminal records here at home or abroad. However, I am not in favor of granting Amnesty, Permanent Residency or Citizenship status to those who illegally immigrate to America. Once a work visa is obtained, clean public record is kept and immigration requirements are met, only then an individual should have the opportunity to apply for a Green Card.

  • National Defense

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    Our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers in uniform come home from the traumas of war with the love in their hearts believing that they have defended their families and the constitution. They also come back home being promised to be treated for post-war illnesses. If you ask those in medical needs, they will tell you stories about 300 day waiting lines. They will tell you how the trauma of war fueled by no care has made their battalion siblings commit suicide. We have not sent our families to join the military and paid taxes so that the Federal Government herd them into wars as cattle to be slaughtered not only during war, but back at home. This outrageous reality must change.

    As your elected congressman, I pledge to fight in saving our troops and redistributing military spending from offense to defense, and appropriately adjusting for post-war medical care to keep the responsibility of our government to those in need. It is important for our nation to know that the commander and Chief and the White House do not have the authority to declare war; Congress does. Any war without obtaining a Declaration of War from Congress is unconstitutional and puts our nation and military into unnecessary and inhumane harm. We must hold our elected officials accountable or face the inevitable.

    In regards to our national interests being preserved by having troops in countries such as Japan and Germany, I ask that why is it the American tax payer paying for the national security of our allies? As your congressman, I would approve of any transitory policies that would incentivize our allies to compensate us for preserving their security while planning to have their military defense gradually replace our presence on their soil. It is simple, we must not borrow money from China to pay for the security of Japan, which we are doing right now.

  • End the Drug War

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    The presence of gangs in our streets, the increase in our prison population, and the tax burden to keep up with all these problems has made the War on Drugs a failed attempt in fixing a health problem. This federally created problem is well comparable to the alcohol prohibition of the early 20th century, which eventually failed. If a fraction of tax dollars spent on incarceration was spent on education and information, more than one million Americans would not be in prison today.

    As your congressman, I will vote to put an end to this inhumane system and transfer the responsibility to the states to make their own decisions on how to deal with this public health problem.

  • No More NSA Spying On Innocent Americans

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    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    The above quote is the 4th amendment of our constitution. It is a tragedy that we live in a time when our Federal Government has outlawed the constitution. As your congressman, I will fight against all those who attack our 4th amendment, and would honor those heroes who shine light on illegal spying.

  • Gun Rights

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    Guns, knives, even bare hands, are only tools. The responsibly lies with the user of any tool to use in a responsible manner. It is the law abiding citizen who does not use a gun irresponsibly, and it is always the criminal who does the opposite. Therefore, for the argument of self-protection, guns are only tools to enhance individual security. In a utopia of civilization, there might come a time when weapons of any sort would not be produced anymore, and neither the governments of the world, nor the citizens would have the need to use them. However, whether that time comes in my lifetime or not, the second amendment of the constitution is the law of the land and is there to protect citizens from harm’s way, whether it be used to protect citizens from individual criminals, or to defend against a tyrannical government.

    As your congressman, I pledge to protect the second amendment under any circumstances. Also, regarding background checks of individuals purchasing guns, the responsibility lies with the states and local municipalities, and is none of the Fed’s business.

  • Equality Under The Constitution

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    It is my strong understanding that American citizens whether poor, rich, white, or black, those with ancestors who fought the civil war like myself or a recent naturalized citizen, deserve to be treated equally under our constitution. It is the individual that has rights under our constitution, not groups or corporations. The Federal Government has been in the habit of dividing to conquer us, and enough is enough. Instead of focusing on treating every single American equally, they label us into groups, calling it the minority Asians, minority blacks, minority Hispanics, the Muslims, the Christians, the feminists, the gays, and so forth. This language and treatment has to end, and equality of individuals must be empowered.

    Regarding the issue of marriage that has been debated heavily in the media recently, as your elected congressman, I will fight to de-program marriage from federal law. The love that is shared between individuals is a very personal matter. Marriage is simply a contractual agreement between individuals that institutionalizes love, and is none of the Federal Government’s business to decide who can get into this contract and who cannot. First and foremost, it must remain a relationship between individuals, and depending on the persons’ cultures and free will, overseeing this contract may lie under community organizations such as churches of their relevant religions.

    By mandating the role of the IRS to abolish the current code and replace it with the Fair Tax Act, marriage will no longer be relevant to a federal tax problem. This is only one of the ways that I pledge to fight inequality in our country.

  • Healthcare

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    If you research about hospital wait times in Canada, results will shock you. It is not unreasonable to expect 6-8 hours wait time when visiting an emergency room in the city of Montreal. It is also not unreasonable to expect a year long wait time if you need to have a hip surgery. The so called Affordable Care Act or Obamacare paves the path towards a centralized healthcare system. When Obamacare was introduced, it was also promised that premiums would not go up, people would be able to keep their health insurance plans, and it would not become an added tax burden. Unfortunately, the math did not work the way it was dreamed and all of these promises were proved to be nothing but lies.

    As your elected congressman, I pledge to fight against any effort that is mathematically impossible and would vote against the Federal Government when it comes to our health care issue.

  • Abortion Is Not The Federal Government's Business

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    This topic is perhaps the most sensitive and difficult matter that I thought about. I have a loving daughter who recently got married. To elaborate my thought on a hypothetical situation, as a father, if I were told my daughter is raped and as a result impregnated, how should I deal with the situation? For a person to be in that situation, I do not think it is the Federal Government’s authority or duty to allow or disallow abortion. If there is any decision worthy of consideration below the women’s right to choose, it should be the family, and at most, the community. Imagining the overwhelming pressure that a woman in that case is put under makes it absurd for the government to intervene. Policy on a problem as such, needs to be dealt with at a local level.

    As your congressman, I will fight against any government imposed law and spending that dictates to Texans how we are to deal with the sensitive topic of abortion.

  • Yes To Term Limits

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    The concept that allows congresspersons and senators to be elected to office indefinitely is a thought worthy issue. On one hand, it can be argued that a constituency has the right to re-elect a politician as many times as they like (and I think they do), but on the other hand, the reality of our corrupt federal system has made a majority of our elected officials to spend the time that can be put into productive means on campaigning for re-election while selling to interest groups. It is no wonder that Congressional approval ratings are at historical lows of below 10%. This is because we the people are outraged by our elected officials.

    As your congressman, and given the opportunity for re-election, I pledge to a two-term limit. Also, unless there are major changes to the way our corrupt federal system works, I will vote in favor of term limits for every congressperson and senator.

  • Shutdown The Federal Reserve

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    The Federal Reserve of the United States serves two mandates by Congress. One to attempt to minimize and limit price hikes year by year by no more than 2% and second, to attempt to minimize unemployment near 3%. Due to the Federal Government policies and helped by the Federal Reserve, you and I each owe someone in the world over $50,000 each. If Congress was to balance the budget, how many years do you think we have to pay taxes to pay off this debt which we never signed up for in the first place? If not dealt with properly, you are looking at a time bomb; there could come a day when your dollar is worth half as much as it was the day before. Historically, this has already happened in Germany, Argentina, and the Roman Empire. But, our Federal Government has assumed to be immune from accepting that history repeats itself.

    As your congressman, in order to deal with this most difficult and complex problem, I will work on repealing the employment mandate from the Federal Reserve, and making commodities such as silver and gold or crypto currencies such as Bitcoin legal tender in order to create competition with the current diluted system. Such competition will prevent the Federal Government from being able to irrationally borrow and print money, and will inevitably force Congress to pass a balanced budget.

  • Dramatically Reduce The Size And Scope Of The Federal Government

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    As your congressman, in order to minimize government waste and protect the 10th amendment of our constitution, I would vote in favor of transferring the responsibilities of the Departments of Education, Energy, Interior, Commerce, Housing and Urban Development and the Environmental Protection Agency to the States to more efficiently and responsibly make decisions on local issues at local stages.

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My Education

  • High School Graduate or Equivalent from Southeast Guilford High School Started on August 1972 Graduated 1975
  • Bachelors Degree from Appalachian State University Started on August 1975 Graduated 1979
  • Postgraduate Degree from University of North Texas Started on August 1983 Graduated 1987
  • Professional Degree from Fielding Graduate University Started on January 2008 Graduated 2010

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