Aaron Bruce  Marcoux

Aaron Bruce Marcoux

District Attorney
Election Date:
August 2016
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Marcoux for District Attorney

My Biography

I was born April 9, 1980 to a single mother, Marcia Huppert. My mother married her first husband shortly after my birth. My mother and her first husband had two children, Emilie and Vicki. My mother divorced due to ongoing domestic violence. My dad, David Charles Marcoux, my mother’s second husband, came into our lives in early 1987. My dad was a widower with two children, Frank and Theresa. My mom and dad married on July 7, 1987. My dad adopted me on April 2, 1991. He was finally able to adopt my sisters a couple years later. Unfortunately, my parents divorced shortly after my sisters were adopted. My mother remarried but my father did not. My mother has now been happily married for over 20 years.

I was raised in Rice Lake, WI. I attended Lincoln Elementary, Rice Lake Middle and High Schools. I graduated from Rice Lake High School in 1998. I earned my AAS from the University of Wisconsin Barron County (UW-BC) in 2001, BA from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (UW-M) in 2003 and my JD from the University of Wyoming College of Law in 2010.

While attending UW-BC I became politically active. I held the positions of President of the Student Government Association, President of the Sociology Club, Editor-in-Chief of the Student Newspaper and co-founded a multicultural organization named United Students. I was also elected President of the Student Governance Council representing students from all 13 2-year University of Wisconsin Colleges at the University of Wisconsin System level. My most significant achievement, however, was meeting my wife, Elizabeth. Elizabeth attended college at the University of Wisconsin Sheboygan. We met at a Student Governance Council Meeting in March 2001.

Shortly after meeting Elizabeth I learned her dream was to attend the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and earn a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. I was already accepted into the Governmental Studies program at the University of Wisconsin - Superior before we met. Nonetheless, I quickly transferred to the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. We began dating in April of 2001, were engaged in April of 2006 and married in April of 2007.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin in 2003 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy I found myself with limited opportunities to utilize my newly acquired education. Because Elizabeth was a year behind me in school and there are limited occupational prospects for philosophers I fell back on my previously learned carpentry skills. I built custom homes in the Milwaukee area until we relocated to Cheyenne, WY in 2005. 

Arriving in Cheyenne, WY knowing no one but each other I went back to building houses and she became an emergency room nurse at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. In 2007, it became obvious the bubble was about to burst on the housing industry. Needing to provide for the family we were wanting I pursued my education at the University of Wyoming College of Law. 

Our first two of four children were born in Wyoming while I attended law school. Our second two children were born shortly after our return to Wisconsin. David Charles Marcoux II, was born March 28, 2008. Alexander William Marcoux was born July 9, 2009. Jackson Frank Marcoux was born January 15, 2012. Sarah Nicole Marcoux was born August 8, 2013. We plan on having two more children. 

Following Law School, I became licensed in both Wisconsin and Wyoming. On December 23, 2010 I received job offers from both the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office and the Wisconsin State Public Defender's Office. Wanting to be closer to family we moved home in January 2011 and I began working at the Public Defender's Office in Ashland, WI on February 14, 2011. I switched from Criminal Defense to Prosecution August 10, 2015 when I took the Assistant District Attorney position for Sawyer County in Hayward, WI. I am now running for the District Attorney position where I grew up in Barron County, WI.

My Platform

  • Marcoux for Barron County District Attorney Platform Statement

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    My platform is essentially threefold. First, we need to get our justice system back on the track. Second, we need to create an effective solution to deal with the present Methamphetamine and the impending Heroin Epidemics. Third, find out who your local government officials really are and hold them accountable.

  • Getting Our Justice System Back On Track

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    Barron County, like many counties in Wisconsin, is suffering from a lack of funding and under staffing. The Wisconsin Legislature has divested local governments of the resources we need. We are all being asked to do more with less, the police, the courts and the Department of Human Services. 

    It is true that the District Attorney's Office in Barron County is under staffed. However, according to the Final 2011-2013 District Attorney Office Workload Analysis, there is only one office that is significantly overstaffed. by more than 1/4 time position and that is Milwaukee (Note: Crawford County is actually overstaffed by .28 and Pepin County is overstaffed by .26). There are 38 counties that are understaffed by over 1 attorney, this does not include the 5 counties that are understaffed by over .9. Overall, the State of Wisconsin is short 138.75 prosecutors. In other words, this is a problem we all have the real question is what are we going to do about it. 

    Like I have said previously, "being an effective District Attorney is not simply getting a case in and out of the system, it is about achieving positive change in a person's life." Positive change cannot be achieved if cases are taking too long to be prosecuted and the punishment has no deterrent effect on anyone let alone the defendant. We actually make more work for ourselves when we allow a defendant out of jail or give them cookie-cutter sentences because they will be back into the justice system in short order. It is ineffective to let a defendant out of jail on a signature bond thereby avoiding the likelihood of a preliminary hearing or other immediate attention to the matter because you are over worked and do not have the time. In reality, this will likely result in a future bail jumping charge in addition to whatever other crime they committed under a separate case number taking even more of your prosecutor's time. In other words, if we slow down and take the time to intelligently craft specific bond conditions or a sentencing structure utilizing the resources our communities have already invested in we will find effective outcomes causing the person to disengage the justice system and decrease the overall workload. Put simply: Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. I have personally found great success utilizing this approach as a Public Defender and as a Prosecutor.

  • Creating An Effective Solution To Combat the Drug Epidemic

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    CREATING AN EFFECTIVE SOLUTION TO COMBAT THE DRUG EPIDEMIC We first need to understand we are not at stage one and we are not reinventing the wheel. Barron County has invested significant resources into providing alternatives to incarceration. These resources include but are not limited to diversion courts, restorative justice initiatives and jail programming. These are all evidence based programs specifically designed and proven to reduce recidivism. Yet, crime is still on the rise. Possession of Controlled Substances, namely Methamphetamine, Delivery of the Methamphetamine and property crimes intended to fund an addicts desire for methamphetamine is the major driver to the continued increase in crime. The result is that we are investing good money after bad because the efforts are not specifically tailored to the problems we now face. For instance, drug courts were designed for an urban area and for them to be effective in Barron County they must be modified to account for our rural realities. Treatment is not identical for all addictions. Methamphetamine has specific and detrimental effects on the human body requiring a tailored medical approach. 10 years ago Hazelden Publishing began community mobilization efforts specifically designed to address the "Meth Epidemic,” mostly found in urban areas. This epidemic is now infesting our small communities. Barron County is blessed to have dedicated servants like Sheriff Fitzgerald of the Barron County Sheriff's Department, Stacey Frolik of the Department of Human Services and concerned judges like Judge Michael Bittney organizing "Meth Town Hall Meetings" focusing on education and intervention. In other words, the process of building the necessary coalitions and networks is already underway. In addition to the efforts already taken place, organizations such as the Barron County District Attorney’s Office should be a key component in the leadership of this community-based solution ensuring that the momentum is maintained. Continued and increased involvement from other effected constituents in essential. This involvement is not only necessary to combat the enemy we all know as methamphetamine but also what will follow. Mentioned previously, Methamphetamine was a problem in urban areas a decade ago and is now poisoning our rural communities. Likewise, Heroin is replacing Methamphetamine in urban areas and is already present here. Not only do we need to continue to craft our coalitions to combat meth but build a network strong enough to endure the next wave of drugs was well. I have spent the last 18 years building networks and coalitions utilizing the grassroots approach necessary to do just that.
  • Know Your Local Officials And Hold Them Accountable

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    KNOW YOUR LOCAL OFFICIALS AND HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE Madison and Washington have left us behind. The only people left to protect us is ourselves. Now more than ever it is important to know who your local government officials are and what they stand for. Our local government officials possess an ever growing ability to affect our day-to-day lives. Similarly, as a constituent you have greater access to your local politicians. As a dedicated husband and father of four I wish to promote the importance of a strong family unit. As a criminal justice professional I know our system is severely flawed yet believe that embracing an evidence based approach utilizing aggressive education, treatment and prosecution will get us back on track. As a tax payer I know we cannot afford to tolerate governmental dysfunction any longer. I think it goes without saying change is necessary. I encourage you all to question your officials, including myself. This is a local governmental campaign. While I want your vote for District Attorney more than anything I want you to make the best decision for you. The District Attorney works closely with Law Enforcement, the Department of Human Services and Court Officials such as the Judges, Clerks and Defense Attorneys. If you have questions or concerns I would suggest they are the best people to ask, not the candidate. Nonetheless, if you would like to contact me directly feel free to contact me at marcouxforda@gmail.com or on Facebook at Marcoux for District Attorney.

My Experience

While attending the  University of Wyoming College of Law I was chosen for a 9 month paid internship at the Wyoming Attorney General's Office in the Human Services Division. While participating in the Prosecution Clinic at the University of Wyoming College of Law I completed a 6 month internship at the Laramie County District Attorney's Office in Cheyenne, WY. While at the Laramie County District Attorney's Office I mainly prosecuted drug and Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) cases. I was honored to be selected as the extern law clerk for the Chief Justice of the Wyoming Supreme Court in 2010. I credit attending a small close knit school like the University of Wyoming College of Law for these amazing experiences. Most law students might get one such experience but by attending a smaller school I was able to gain hands-on experience in criminal, civil and appellate law. 

Following Law School I took a position as Assistant State Public Defender in the Ashland Office covering Ashland, Bayfield and Iron Counties. I found my law school training invaluable as the Public Defender's Office in Wisconsin is charged with defending citizens in both Criminal and some selected Civil case classifications (Chapters 48, 51 938 and 980). In the almost 5 years I was a Public Defender I handled all case classifications from Disorderly Conduct to Double Homicide. My case load was approximately 300 cases a year including but not limited to Juvenile Delinquencies, Child and Juvenile In Need of Protection or Services, Emergency Detentions, Probation and Extended Supervision Revocation, Class A-C and Unclassified Misdemeanors as well as A-I level Felonies. The last year as a Public Defender I specialized in Chapter 980 (Violent Sexual Predator) cases.

For almost the last year I have been the Assistant District Attorney for Sawyer County in Hayward, WI. Like the Public Defender's Office, as and Assistant District Attorney I am charged with prosecuting both Criminal and selected Civil Matters. I represent the State of Wisconsin in prosecution of all criminal matters from Unclassified Misdemeanors to Class A Felonies. I also represent the County Department of Human Services in Juvenile Delinquencies and Child/Juvenile In Need of Protection of Services Cases. I have found my experiences as a Public Defender instrumental to being a successful prosecutor. Knowing both sides of the argument allows for efficient analyzation of the issues as well as a clear and precise presentation of the issues.

Working in multiple counties I have had the experience of working with different Judges, District Attorneys and Defense Attorneys. In circuit court, especially in a rural area, each court can be very different and the effect of a persons personality can be profound. I have also had the opportunity to build and utilize several diversion/alternative courts. I have worked in diversion courts specializing in Drug Offenses, Domestic Violence, Mental Health, OWI, and Veterans Issues. I have earned over 100 hours of continuing education credits in Evidence Based Practices and Smarter Sentencing Structures. Utilizing the Criminal Justice System to affect positive change in a persons live is difficult but not impossible if you have the training, compassion and determination. In other words, one must balance an understanding of addiction and compassion with fidelity to proven principles particularly swift and certain sanctions.

My Education

  • Doctorate Degree from University of Wyoming College of Law Started on August 2007 Graduated 2010
  • Bachelors Degree from University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Started on August 2001 Graduated 2003
  • Associates Degree from University of Wisconsin - Barron County Started on August 1998 Graduated 2001
  • High School Graduate or Equivalent from Rice Lake High School Started on August 1994 Graduated 1998

My Upcoming Events

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Press Release


Innovative New Website, My Informed Decision, Welcomes Aaron Marcoux with the Goal of Reaching and Informing Voters

May 7, 2016—Aaron Marcoux is on the ballot as a democratic candidate for Barron County District Attorney in the upcoming Wisconsin state primary on August 9, 2016.  Aaron was a student extern for the Chief Justice of the Wyoming Supreme Court and was an intern at the Laramie County District Attorney's Office.  In Wisconsin, Aaron was Bayfield and Iron County's Public Defender and is currently Sawyer County Assistant District Attorney.

My Informed Decision is providing a new and innovative service through their website aimed at offering a quick and easy way to learn about candidates regardless of office or party affiliation.   Together, My Informed Decision and Aaron Marcoux are helping inform voters prior to the important upcoming primary.

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