Make an Informed Decision

The most important decisions in our communities and lives have been made in voting booths across our nation. It can be a confusing process if you are seeing names for the first time on a ballot in the voting booth. Preferably, the qualifications, ideals, and experiences of each candidate have been reviewed, weighed, and an informed decision has been made prior to even entering the voting booth.

Due to a lack of well-organized and readily available information on people running for public office, the voter is rarely informed about all incumbents and challengers in their own communities prior to reaching the voting booth. Solving this issue has been the inspiration for My Informed Decision. We envisioned a simple, quick, and free tool that would be useful for everyone with an interest in learning about candidates, referendums, and more on a local, state, and national level.

We invite you to take an in-depth look at candidates across all campaign levels free of charge!

Simply begin searching for candidates, or sign up to become a member FREE OF CHARGE and start using the full range of benefits today!

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"We set out to provide an easy method of gathering unbiased campaign and election information. We are family-owned, and proud to say our site is veteran built, operated and owned as well. Whether a student, a voter, or just someone with a healthy curiosity and thirst for knowledge, we invite the use of our simple tool to find answers and help make an Informed Decision!"

Andrew Gillis, Founder of My Informed Decision