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My Informed Decision is designed to assist those running for public office. We are proud to offer candidates a simple way to build donations for their campaigns, and our intent is to provide a user-friendly platform to reach your voters, supporters, students and anyone else you may be interested in reaching. We are committed to providing an unbiased website and a fair service no matter your political affiliation, and are dedicated to building and keeping your trust and confidence. We are always striving to improve and welcome your feedback through our contact page.

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Voters, supporters, students, and anyone else interested in learning about candidates can become Members on our site for free. There are many benefits to becoming a Member for voters or anyone else looking to learn more about candidates running for office. As our name suggests, we strive to bring information to voters prior to elections by providing a platform for candidates to reach you. Simply finish your Profile and gain access to premium features such as search and compare functions, and build a list of your favorite candidates for the polls. It has never been easier to become an informed voter.

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Our state-of-the-art functionality will narrow our full library of candidates to candidates in your community! That means you will only see candidates that are important to you. Make election day easier than ever!

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Compare candidate biographies, platforms, and qualifications side-by-side. This cutting-edge functionality makes narrowing your list simple! Our compare feature makes it easy to build your desired list of candidates for the polls, classroom, or any other informational need!

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Support your favorite candidates by donating to their campaign. Just like every vote, every dollar can make all the difference at the polls. Now you can give a bit more than your vote alone and support your favorite campaigns via donations as well!

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Your security is our highest priority. It is in this spirit we provide multifactor authentication when signing in to your account. This effective layer of protection is quick and easy, and we provide it to all our voters, supporters, and candidates.

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